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Peer Reviewed Articles  

Khan, Mishal. “Abolition as a Racial Project: Erasures and Racializations on the Borders of British India.” Political Power and Social Theory 38 (2021): 77-104. {Full PDF}

Khan, Mishal, “After the Railways Are Built: Makrani Labor and Illegible Claims to Land and Belonging in Sindh.” Journal of Sindh Studies, 3, no.1 (February 2023): 1-27. {Full PDF}

Book Chapters 

Khan, Mishal. “Imperial Anti-Trafficking: Producing Racialized Knowledge Regimes over the Longue Durée.” In White Supremacy, Racism, and the Coloniality of Anti-Trafficking, edited by Kamala Kempadoo and Elena Shih. (Routledge, 2022). 

Khan, Mishal. “The Indebted Among the “Free”: Producing Indian Labor through the Layers of Racial Capitalism.” In Histories of Racial Capitalism, edited by Destin Jenkins and Justin LeRoy. (New York: Columbia University Press, 2021).

Baber, Zahra R. and Mishal Khan. “The Paradox of Technical Education and the Pakistani Migrant in the Gulf.” In The Gospel of Work and Money: Global Histories of Industrial Education, edited by Karine Walther and Oliver Charbonneau (Under Review).


Book Reviews and Smaller Pieces

Khan, Mishal. Review of “Combatting Modern Slavery: Why Labour Governance is Failing and what we can do about it.” By Genevieve LeBaron. American Journal of Sociology 126, no. 3 (November 2020): 739-41.


Khan, Mishal. Review of “Indentured Servitude: Unfree Labour and Citizenship in the British Colonies.” By Anna Suranyi. American Historical Review 127, no. 3 (September 2022): 1567-1568.


Khan, Mishal. “Foreword.” Translation from Sindhi to Urdu of Ghulami Ain Azadi  (From Slavery to Freedom) by Muhammad Siddiq Mussafir. (Karachi: Kitaab Publishers, 2021)

Policy Writing 

Fairwork US Report, "Fairwork US Ratings 2023: A Crisis of Safety and Fair Work in a Racialised Platform Economy, Fairwork US, August 9th 2023. 

Khan, Mishal et al. “Between the UAE and Pakistan – Migrant Construction Workers Walk a Tightrope during COVID19: A Snapshot.” The Persistence of Inequality: ‘Essential’ Work and COVID-19 Project, July 2020. 

Khan, Mishal. “No. 82: Submission to the NSW Legislative Council Standing Committee on Social Issues.” Inquiry into Modern Slavery Act (NSW), October 4, 2019. 


Op-Eds and Media Engagement

Jill Habig, Veena Dubal, and Mishal Khan, "Unrigging the Gig Economy" Stanford Social Innovation Review, September 27th 2023.

World Business Report Segment on the Great Resignation, BBC World Radio, December 3rd 2021


Behind the “Great Resignation” Television Segment, WTTW Chicago Live, November 15th 2021

Segment on the Great Resignation, WCPT 820 Radio Segment, Joan Esposito Live, December 2nd 2021. 

Khan, Mishal, “Is the Great Resignation a Global Opportunity or a Siren Song?” Chicago Tribune, October 25th 2021

Khan, Mishal. “Can you ‘see’ slavery? Black Skins, Brown Skins, and the Price of In/visibility in Colonial India.” OpenDemocracy, Beyond Trafficking and Slavery, November 11, 2019.

Khan, Mishal. “’Slaves” and ‘Bondsmen’ after Abolition.” Collective for Social Science Research Blog, July, 2018.

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