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The Future of Work

How do we explain the psychic centrality of labor to human dignity and self-worth? What do we learn when we evaluate this current moment – incorporating perspectives from the global north and south – in relation to great transformations of the past?


These are the questions I have been exploring in my doctoral and now postdoctoral work looking at multiple dimensions of contemporary issues around work - from shifts in the care economy to gig work. 

I recently published an Op-Ed in the Chicago Tribune critically commenting on the "Great Resignation" and how this trend relates to longer histories of work, freedom, and capitalism. 

Is the Great Resignation a Golden Opportunity or Siren Song? 

You can hear and see me elaborate on some of these ideas on the following programs:

BBC World Business Report - Great Resignation Segment (12 mins) 

WTTW Chicago Tonight 

Joan Esposito Live - Great Resignation Segment (1hr14 mins) 

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