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Racial Capitalism: The View from India

My work engages with conversations amongst racial capitalism scholars by examining processes whereby Indian labor emerged as a distinct category of colonial labor in a world of stereotypes around African, Indian, Asian, Native American, and White workers. I also examine the role of particular genres of difference in South Asia that facilitated the spread of capital across the rural landscape.

See below for published work:


"The Indebted Among the Free: Producing Indian Labor through the Layers of Racial Capitalism" In Histories of Racial Capitalism, Edited by Destin Jenkins and Justin LeRoy (Columbia University Press, 2021)

Khan, Mishal. “Abolition as a Racial Project: Erasures and Racializations on the Borders of British India.” Political Power and Social Theory 38 (2021): 77-104. 

** Since PPST is not accessible to all institutions I have uploaded a PDF here.

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